expand Wow, everyone once in a while Steve gives me an assignment that is someone I've never heard, heard of, or had forgotten about. This self title track from October Country is a hoot. We start off with surf bass, rattlesnake shake drums and then.....it turns into Bollywood. Wow.......that's a lot of changes to go through at just at just 25 seconds in. And me, I'm up for it! I remember this tune blaring out of my tiny transistor radio speaker everywhere I went.

Ruben Chandler

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Eddie Beram ,Chet McCracken drummers, Marty Earle, guitarist, Bob Chadwick, Bob Washburn, keyboard players, Joe Camacho, Caryle Camacho, singers.

To folks hearing October Country for the first time in this day and age, it may elude you just how good they actually were. They combined so many aspects and genres of music in one song that they were truly over the top. They were signed to Epic back in the day and were on the bill with some of our favorites: The Turtles, The Buffalo Springfield, Iron Butterfly, Jimi Hendrix,  Sons of Champlin, the Yardbirds and more. Great sunshine pop!
Ruben Chandler


October Country's Cowboy and Indians starts to sound a little more popish in the vein of the Association and the like except for that kicking Farfisa and those strange time changes they were fond of. I am a big fan of power pop music and this, being sunshine pop with a twist, gets nearly three thumbs up from me.
Ruben Chandler