Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Sweetwater were one of the early psychedelic groups, like Jefferson Airplane, that typified the 60s sound.  Throughout 1968-69 Sweetwater toured, opening for the Doors, and Eric Burdon and the Animals.  In their time they opened for, groups like The Chambers Brothers, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Chuck Berry, Frank Zappa, Steve Miller Band and just about every talent of the time.

They were the first act scheduled to play the three day Woodstock Music and Art Fair but internal problems prevented them from going on and the invitation to open passed to Richie Havens.  I can only guess what the internal problems were but I don't imagine it was as blatant as Eric Burdon refusing to go on at Monterey unless they got him two hits of acid first.  (HOWEVER... we DO know why they were in such a rush to LEAVE.  Check out our 'Cool Bonus' Button for THAT story!)

One of Sweetwater's most well-known songs is their version of 'Motherless Children'.  They opened their set at Woodstock with it, an interesting choice as Richie Havens had just finished his set with his impromptu 'on the spot' version.

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Here they are on Hugh Hefner's show...

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It appeared as if the group had a bright future with many more television appearances, numerous concerts,  and recordings in the works, but tragedy struck after the group had finished taping for an episode of the Red Skelton Show in December 1969.
Three days after the show, singer Nancy Nevins was involved in a nearly fatal
automobile accident that left her brain damaged and also damaged her
vocal cords.  In spite of this the band appeared in the 1994 Woodstock
reunion shows.

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