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The Steve Miller Blues Band was formed in San Francisco, signed to Capitol Records who shortened their name, and became a fixture on the psychedelic scene.  One of their first recordings is as Chuck Berry's backing band on Chuck Berry: Live at the Fillmore Auditorium.  

Boz Scaggs joined the group in time to perform at Monterey Pop and the band then went to England to record their first album 'Children of the Future' minus any hits and not even appearing in the Billboard Top One Hundred.  The next album 'Sailor' hit the charts at number twenty four on the strength of 'Living in the USA'.  Brave New World, the third LP, hit number twenty two and one of the songs, 'My Dark Hour' was co-written by the world famous Paul Ramone aka McCartney.  

In 1971 Steve's neck was broken in an automobile accident.  Capitol rush-released 'Rock Love'.  The break (no pun intended) allowed Steve time to conceive of 'The Joker' album, a new sound and what was to become a slew of hit albums.