expand Simon and Garfunkel

Tom and Jerry solidified their act in 1957 and achieved a minor hit with the song 'Hey, Little Schoolgirl'.  Not bad for an act from Queens in the fifties.  

Changing their names to Simon and Garfunkel they released their first hit of importance, 1964's 'Sounds of Silence'.  They went on to have a huge string of enduring hit records and albums which defined the folk rock genre and have pretty much won every musical award there is.  

Too bad the couple couldn't get along.  After making amazing hit records, practically becoming the conscience of America, owning folk rock, and selling millions of records Art went on to study acting and became a solo performer.  Simon became a solo act as well.

They had 17 hot one hundred singles, 5 top selling albums, were awarded 8 Grammys and their lifetime achievement award, and entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.