• Kurt Page Poco and It's a Beautiful Day at the Santa Barbara Bowl in the 70s. Great show.
  • Mike S Handley remember they were first called the band Pogo but Walt Kelly the cartoonist claimed copyright infringement
  • Denis Seger Wasn't there a later collaboration with Furray, Chris Hilman and ?
  • Mike S Handley Souther?
  • Kurt Page Is that Don Felder on the left?
  • Denis Seger Mike, yes, that's it. I had the vinyl a million years ago. good stuff as I remember
  • Denis Seger Let's tune in KLOS for the stereo sound!
  • Denis Seger Or was it KMET?
  • Denis Seger just found this
    See video

    Acoustic guitar virtuoso.....Meet Mr. Stills. Buffalo Springfield is a North Ame
    rican rock group among the first wave of North American rock bands such as Th...
  • Stephen Quinn I think it's Paul Cotton on the left. He took Jimmy Messina's place.
  • Kurt Page Yes, it is Paul Cotton. I had forgotten about that guy. Thanks.
  • Bob Ohsiek ...originally from Illinois Speed Press. Poco played here last year & still have Paul, and Rusty [who really cooks!].