Anyone who, at the top their game, would forgo a world tour in order to raise money for UNICEF is just 'tits' (as my Canadian friends say) in my book!  And the fact that she showed up at the ill-fated Powder Ridge Rock Festival, which I and my friends made it to, and at which she actually played!  when no one else did.  So much for the rest of those tossers that didn't, Melanie had game and my 14 year-old anarchist hormones knew it.  
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About 30,000 of us showed up anyway, my krewe having driven from Ohio for the weekend, and Wiki pretty much sums it up saying no entertainment, no food, and no plumbing but.......about 70 drug dealers.  Party in my book.  Anyways, she was born in Queens, graduated in New Jersey, signed with Columbia but hit pay dirt with Buddha.....records that is.  

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So, she played Woodstock (Melanie had an office in the same building as the festival producers and had asked to perform), Powder Ridge (and I wonder if she even got paid for it.......), Isle of Wight where she was introduced by Keith Moon.  (They should grant Keith a knighthood in absentia, shouldn't they?)  Melanie had a few hits then ~ Lay Down Lay Down, Beautiful People and What Have They Done to My Song, Ma?  and is still out there performing and recording now. 
Ruben Chandler 

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A guide to Melanie's recordings

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