• John Fredrick Williams Wow! This is a very nice poster! The contrast makes it. I would like a copy if it is possible? This was originally in the LA Free Press?
  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site If there IS an Aragon Ballroom in Chicago now called the Cheetah, that would indeed be cool... our reference to the Cheetah Club is the one that REPLACED
    the Aragon Ballroom in Venice (CA). The Aragon was where Lawrence Welk
    first had his show broadcast, when he moved from there, after many years the space was purchased, and became the Cheetah Club. So many groups that later made it big played there, we should do a piece on it by itself. Scroll WAY
    DOWN to Black Pearl - that's them playing just outside the club... on the
    pier.. at OUR Birthday Party!!