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Rising from the ashes of The Warlocks, a low profile mid-60s combo from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Grateful Dead are reputed to have come by their name by an act of bibliomancy.  Jerry Garcia opened a dictionary, let his finger fall where it may, and the dead was born.  
The band was a fixture at Kesey's house in La Honda, played all his trips festivals and pioneered acid rock in the process.  A friend of mine says the bands that played back then were churches and each had their congregations.  I think the Dead had more of a dedicated holy roller type of follower. The Deadheads are legendary.  
The Dead didn't really see much money from their albums until the 80s, but made enough to get by touring.  Drug abuse took out Pigpen in the early 70s and finally, Jerry himself in 1995.  The wake for Jerry was held on the Golden Gate Bridge.  They say there were so many people on the bridge that the suspended sections actually sagged.


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  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site [Steve here] We've a complete history of the Acid Tests in LA... from our reporter on the scene of the very first one (who went beyond the call of duty and actually tried the Kool Aid!), to the guy who wrote in that he had a heck of a time driving home from a 'groovy' light show... all the way to UCLA cancelling a Test just 'cause they thought enough folks wouldn't show up to pay for the rent of room (an early and bad call on their part). If you've any interest in seeing some of the Acid Test adverts and articles... just say so, and I'll post 'em on up!

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