• BobShade PirateStudiosdotnet it's still the coolest thing, maybe followed by a little "word jazz" by ken nordine . oh yeah, make that fatty Oregon weed
  • Phillip Lee Morgan i should tell about the time i stole Dan's bottle of scotch and sat on stage behind him drinking it with a grin @ the santa monica civic
  • Terry Bolo Oh, man, I saw them sooooo many times!! Mostly at the Troubadour, I guess. LOOOOOOVED them!! Big FAN!!!!! Always excited when Dan Hicks was in town!
  • Phillip Lee Morgan this was posted by Bob Henley on my wall... tnx for backing me up buddy. Phil, since there was no comment space on the Dan Hicks link...remember when we went to see Dan Hicks, and you drank his scotch while he was playing? There was nothing he could do about it ;))
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  • Kurt Page The constantly cruising Lickettes!