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Canned Heat formed in 1966, coalescing around Al "Blind Owl" Wilson, guitar and harmonica, and Bob "The Bear" Hite, vocals.  They were two blues fanatics and aficionados.  Add to the mix Henry "The Sunflower" Vestine from The Mothers of Invention on guitar, Larry "The Mole" Taylor on bass who had played with the Monkees and Jerry Lee Lewis, and Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra on drums.  Fito played with everyone from the Sinners to Etta James, The Shirelles, The Platters and the legendary T-Bone Walker.  

The band played the Monterey Pop Festival, opening up the second day of the festivities.  This show landed them a large international audience.  1968 saw the release of 'On The Road Again', followed by 'Going Up The Country' in 1969.

1969 also saw the band performing at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.  It is a testimony to their art that they managed to make blues rock anthems still heard around the world.  The kicker for me is the band recording with their label mates, the Chipmunks.


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  • The NEW LA Free Press POST-MONTEREY SERIES (thru '67) with LA Free Press Era Rock Historian, Bruno Ceriotti, now featuring...
    (Part 1)
    >> In July, just one month after their appearance at Monterey, Canned Heat released their self-titled debut album. To promote the album, that fared reasonably well commercially, reaching #76 on the Billboard Hot 100 album chart, the band toured all over the United States, from West Coast to East Coast and vice versa, throughout the summer and the fall of ’67.
    >> The most famous gigs the band played during that national tour were on October 20 and 21, at Chet Helm’s Family Dog in Denver, Colorado. Actually it was what happened later that made
    these gigs famous.  In fact, the night after their 2nd and last show, the police burst into their hotel room at the local Rancho Manor Hotel, and arrested all the band members (except Alan Wilson who miraculously managed to escape arrest!) for possession of some joints, a small amount of hashish, and two hundred grams of marijuana. They spent the weekend in jail.
    >> When they returned to LA, the band held a press conference and claimed that their arrest had been orchestrated by the local police in Denver only as some sort of signal to all the Hippies. Eventually, after a lot of different processes and legal fees, the band members were all acquitted.
    >>  Back to the music now, and here, below, one of the best songs taken from the band debut album, ‘Dust My Broom’. Enjoy!
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The NEW LA Free Press POST-MONTEREY SERIES (thru '67) with LA Free Press Era Rock Historian, Bruno Ceriotti, now featuring...
(Part 2)
>> On November 20, a month after their arrest in Denver, Canned Heat played at the Magic Mushroom in Studio City, California. The band manager, Skip Taylor, hired The Bluesberry Jam  as an opening act.  They were a local, unknown band with an amazing Mexican drummer, Adolfo de la Parra, aka “Fito”. Tayl so hated Canned Heat’s drummer Frank “Mr. Fuzzy” Cook and so loved “Fito”, that he orchestrated this show only because he hoped that Bob Hite, Alan Wilson and company would see “Fito” plays that night and see that he was so much better than Cook that they will fired the latter, and replace him with “Fito”.
>> Taylor's secret plan went right and, in fact, after the show, around 3 am, he approached “Fito” to ask him if he wanted to auditioned for the band the next day and, obviously, the drummer says “yes, of course!”. The audition went well and, as everyone knows, “Fito” replaced Cook as Canned Heat's new drummer (and, in a sort of exchange, Cook replaced “Fito” in The Bluesberry Jam).
>> On December 1, the new lineup played two shows at the Men’s Gym of the California State College in Long Beach, California. The show went so well and the new drummer was so good, that Bob Hite threw candy in the audience to celebrate the band's happiness! A few days later the band closed the year recording their 2nd album, the masterpiece ‘Boogie with Canned Heat’, that was released in January, 1968 and that included, among others, one of the greatest blues songs ever, ‘On The Road Again’. Enjoy!

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