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Hailing from Chicago the Butterfield Blues Band got their start when two underage teens, Paul Butterfield and Elvin Bishop, hired away the legendary Sam Lay for the drummer's throne, and Jerome Arnold.  Oddly enough, Paul had studied classical at the University of Chicago where he met Elvin and switched his major from flute to blue's harmonica in real life.  The band was signed to Elektra upon adding Mike Bloomfield on guitar.

However, their first album was totally scrapped via their producer Paul Rothschild and was later released in the mid nineties.  A second live attempt at a debut album was also scrapped by Mr. Rothschild.  1965 did finally see the release of their self-titled album, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.   They then released quite a few albums including my fav 'East-West'.  

The group, sans Paul, was also Dylan's back-up band when he went electric at Newport and shocked the world.  They played the counter culture's two big Coming of Age events, Monterey Pop and Woodstock.  The band broke up in 1971 and Paul went on to have a lengthy solo career.  He died in Los Angeles in 1987 from peritonitus due to his heavy drug and alcohol use.


The NEW LA Free Press POST-MONTEREY SERIES (thru '67) with LA Free Press Era Rock Historian, Bruno Ceriotti, now featuring... THE BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND

>> After Michael Bloomfield quit the band to form the Electric Flag, the Butterfield Blues Band moved in a rhythm ‘n’ blues direction, aided by the addition of a horn section. The new lineup also featured Elvin Bishop’s magnificent metamorphosis into lead guitar.  When they recorded their 3rd album (the 1st of this new incarnation) in the fall of ’67, it was titled ‘The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw’, in honor of Bishop’s nickname and new leading role. When it was released in December of that year, the album rose to #52 on the Billboard Hot 100 album chart.
>> Far from being over, the band launched a new phase of their career with the release of this seminal album. The newly-minted
ensemble was especially potent on tracks like ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’, ‘Double Trouble’, and ‘Drivin’ Wheel’.  The latter of these is presented here, below, enjoy and….All hail Pigboy Crabshaw!

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