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The Blues Project were formed in Greenwich Village in 1965.  They auditioned for Columbia Records, failed the audition, but gained an organist in Al Kooper, who'd played the instrument for the first time on Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone". 

After building a reputation as New York's answer to The Grateful Dead (The Dead saw them play and were impressed by their improvisational skills), they signed with Verve Records, releasing two albums in 1966:  Live At The Cafe Au Go-Go and Projections, showcasing their mix of Rock, Blues, and Jazz forms. Tensions arose within the band, and by the time they played the Monterey Pop Festival, Kooper had left (he'd formed his own band to play at Monterey), and by 1968, the band was done, members having moved on to new projects Blood, Sweat & Tears and Sea Train.
James Nolan