• Mike Cochrane And I had the pleasure of playing on the same bill with Birtha many times with my band TRAIN. Also got to know the girls prety well. I never understood why another all girl band of the time had more attention when Birtha was a FAR superior band. ABC Downhill really missed the boat!
  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site ABC Downhill.....lol...........TRAIN rocked! Birtha rocked....Fanny was okay......Joy of Cooking......okay.
  • Mike Cochrane Thanks for the kind words! BTW... If anyone has any pictures of TRAIN, I'd love to see them. The few pictures I had were lost years ago. I have some B&W frome the Golden Wesy Ballroom, but that's it. Two years as the houseband at Gazzarri's and no pics from that time. Thanks to anyone that can help. Any pics of us playing at Under The Ice House with Birtha... would be great as well. Those were the days when R&R was REAL and LIVE!!!