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Big Brother & the Holding Company
Country Blues guitarist, Peter Albin, and Rock & Roll guitarist, Sam Andrew, met and began playing together in 1965. They later approached guitarist James Gurley to make a trio, which then took part in open jam sessions held by San Francisco entrepreneur, Chet Helms. Helms found them a drummer, giving birth to Big Brother & the Holding Company. That drummer was replaced by David Getz, a painter in the audience at one of their shows.
They gained a level of prominence as an instrumental group, but they knew they needed a vocalist, so Helms contacted Texas singer Janis Joplin--who was then weighing an option to join the 13th Floor Elevators--who had to adapt to working with an electric band. After releasing their self-titled first LP (which sold moderately well, but did not capture the intensity of their live sound) on the jazz-oriented Mainstream label, their performance at the Monterey Pop Festival brought them acclaim (Michelle Phillips : "I remember being amazed that this white woman was singing like Bessie Smith.") and Columbia Records signed them in late 1967.
Their 1968 album, Cheap Thrills (with its colorful R. Crumb-illustrated cover) was a massive hit (as was its single "Piece of My Heart"), but Janis left for a solo career later in '68, and the band split, then reunited in 1970 with Nick Gravenites as vocalist for one album, then after a second post-Joplin album, called it a day, though they would, eventually, reunite to play again in the following decades.

According to wikipedia, it seems Janis joined BB&HCo and they grew bigger in San Fran until they really hit it big at the Monterey Pop Festival. Fortunately, we - the barkeep of musical history - have proof that they did appear elsewhere in between...

Bob Ohsiek- '66? Wow! I missed this one. I did catch her and Big Brother @ the Shrine in '68 or so.

LAFPMusic.com- Mr. Ohsiek, would that have been in May of that year, with Albert King?

John Williams- PRAISE THE barkeep!

Terry Greene- So glad to see you again, LAFP, old friend. Is the deal we name someone and you find the article in the archives? I was around back then and have a broad range of bands to choose from, to put it mildly, an embarrassment of riches. Get back to ya on that soon. Thanks, again, Steven! Terry

LAFPMusic.com- Found one at the Shrine for Mint Tattoo and Blue Cheer with Big Brother... hope there's a chance you can remember the month (or we'll just understand that you really did have a good time).

Terry Greene- Hey, I saw Blue Cheer at the Shrine (the one next door to the main one, the one where Jimi played). Can't remember the date (you kidding me). Saw Janis with Albert King in the main hall. Whoo hoo! How about when Sly and the Family Stone played? Buffalo Springfield! I led the elephant in one New Year's Eve with a big baby in the saddle. Spare change?

LAFPMusic.com- Have the adverts for both events at the Shrine...

Terry Greene- Bring it on!

Bob Ohsiek- 'Tis fun. Yes, my BB+HC memory was w/ Mint Tattoo. Saw Blue Cheer there 3 or so times too, so, heck, I can't recall the actualities nor the dates.

LAFPMusic.com- Ok, Bob... here you go ~ ~

>Bob Ohsiek- Just noticed Jr. Wells @ the Ash Grove, upper left of this LAFP page. We caught him there [w/ Buddy Guy on his old Strat] a couple yrs later. LAFPMusic.com - Thanks for pointing out what many of us would have missed.  Please, let me know who you would like to see 'featured' here, and we'll do our best to surface the items that our Archives hold.
  • Terry Greene - Remember the Felix the Cat neon sign by the Shrine? It was our guide through the ether that we were almost there!
  • >Bob Ohsiek - Good thing...Seemed we'd always get lost [in our V-Dub, up from Seal Beach]. "> The NEW LA Free Press POST-MONTEREY SERIES (thru '67) with LA Free Press Era Rock Historian, Bruno Ceriotti) now featuring...

    >> Following the band’s major success at the Festival where they did one (actually two) of the greatest performances ever, their label Mainstream Records finally released the band's self-titled debut album in August 1967.  That was “only” 9 months after the band actually recorded it in December 1966.
    >>  Although the album was a minor success, reaching #60 in the Billboard Hot 100 album chart, and almost producing a Top 40 hit with the song ‘Down On Me’, the band was still playing odd gigs up and down the California coast, including one again in Monterey, this time at the annual Monterey Jazz Festival on September 16.
    >> In November, Big Brother finally fired their manager Julius Karpen, and hired the great, late Albert Grossman. Albert had an immediate effect on Big Brother’s fortune and within 3 months of signing with him, they were on a major label, Columbia Records, and had begun their first East Coast tour.
    >> Here, below, Big Brother performed on television their above mentioned (almost) Top 40 hit single, ‘Down On Me’. Enjoy!
    See video

    Mark Hughes - Cool! Chloe Joquel - Love you guys! My poster is so cool! Long live the L.A. Free Press! >The Joplin concert that was to be cancelled..... (story of why, soon to follow)
    Randy Nauert- I have the poster. Perhaps I should put it up later? LAFPmusic.com- ABSOLUTELY! Would be great to see it up on the Page!! The Joplin concert at Valley State College - the one on the brink of cancellation? It was all about the boobs, my friend.... the boobs in the administration and their focus on the boobs that Janis just might unleash on her fans. (pity them all)
    Readable text at: http://lafpmusic.com/images/M68M1H0909ABX.jpg and http://lafpmusic.com/images/M68M1H0914BBX.jpg
    Photo: The Joplin concert at Valley State College - the one on the brink of cancellation?  It was all about the boobs, my friend.... the boobs in the administration and their focus on the boobs that Janis just might unleash on her fans.  (pity them all)
Readable text at: <a href=http://lafpmusic.com/images/M68M1H0909ABX.jpg and http://lafpmusic.com/images/M68M1H0914BBX.jpg" height="403" width="403" />
    John J. Woods- That would've been a great SuperBowl halftime show! Kevin Gallagher- There's the ad for KPPC. The ORIGINAL underground radio in LA. B. Mitchell Reed left a much higher paying job on top 40 radio to be on that station and get it going. They would also play entire albums without interruption. It was in the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, which is the PPC part of their name. LAFPmusic.com- It's only thru folks like you that many of us will ever see the gems that these pages hold. Thanks so much; please shine a light our way way as often as you can!

    >Excellent Janis Joplin interview!
    Janis Joplin talking to Dick Cavett talking about everything from her childhood to tatoos.

    LAFPMusic.com>Sweetheart, wasn't she? Just someone hoping for a friend... too different to find one. Will soon put up the 'obit' we ran 41 years ago... thought it would mean all that much more if you first had this brief meeting. btw, we'd enjoy hearing from you; if you saw Janis in concert, let us know what it was like.
    John Fredrick Williams- Dick Cavett had Janis Joplin on another show interview, too, and she performed, "Take A Piece of My Heart". Except it was in black and white. Although we got our first color TV around that time...What a wonderful memory!

    "John Fredrick Williams- I really enjoy reliving these adverts and posters! May I suggest an area to focus on posters of that time? Or possibly a link to view the art of psychedelic expression and or its creators? These artists had no computer generated graphics. Most was done tediously by hand and media like real paint. Along with consequential drips and labor intensive mistakes.
    ">John Fredrick Williams- Influential!
    Earnest Bantour- Out of the same scene that gave us Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company epitomized the raw psychedelic sound that was only be found on the Haight-Ashbury. The fusion of the band's electricity andJanis Joplin's unconventional and soulful voice created a perfect harmony that can never be replicated. On December 2, 1967 Los Angeles received its first taste of their electrifying acid-rock style. href="http://lafpmusic.com/big-brother-holding-company-m67m1h0324bbx" LAFPMusic.com- You CORRECTLY pointed to an ad that said FIRST LA appearance - and a great ad it is! BUT take a lookey here -
    Ernest Bantour- Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company fans rejoice! A new 'live' album is being released by Legacy Records in March featuring their 1968 performance in San Fransisco's Carousel Ballroom. Recorded shortly before Janis left the band to pursue a solo career, this is a rare snapshot of the group at the height of their four year run together. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/janis-joplin-fans-can-look-forward-to-a-new-live-album-in-march/
    The New Year has just begun, but the folks at Legacy Records are already busy in their vaults -- and they've dug

    quick vid i threw together of a rare performance of jorma + joplin in 1964...i have the whole show and will probably upload more whenever i have time
    LAFPmusic.com- Wish she had stayed longer, done more. She went to the bay area twice. she was a folkie and a speedfreak the first time but wasn't everyone? She went back to the thriving cultural mecca of Port Arthur TX and gave up booze and drugs for a while and returned to SF later with her buddy Chet Helms.
    Mike S Handley- KSAN-FM San Francisco used to play the typewriter tapes in the early 70's i still have a taped off the radio cassette LAFPMusic.com- sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ernest Bantour- Most ads from the LAFP were in black and white, but here is one of the few with color. Featuring a psychedelic Janis Joplin, this poster is perfect for any hippie's wall. Plus, you gotta love the "Quasi-Annual Film Orgy" mentioned at the bottom. >***Big Brother & The Holding Company*** Janis as the 'Featured' bandmate (Full-Size replica of the entire 11" x 17" Page of the original 1960's Los Angeles Free Press! Full color processing shows the authentic 40 years of aging!)

    n.v.us- 1965! James Gurley project...........check it out! class="shareUnit">

    Susan Gross- Luv this song!!!! LAFPmusic.com-Ain't it choice? Susan Gross- Pretty heavy article !! >NOW, please go to the very TOP of the Page and CLICK the VRRP TAB... perhaps our best hope for preserving these artifacts of a time we cherish.  OR just CLICK HERE.)