• Terry Greene A paen in the arse. Good golly, miss molly, where in heck do you come up with these things?
  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site i read too much as a child......nv
  • Terry Greene Yep, that 'splains it, nv. Let this be a public service announcement: make reading a top priority for all children! Read to them every day and/or night, reward them for jobs well done with a book, SHOW them reading is not only a gift, it is a joy and a pleasure on the road to adventure and enlightenment as well as a free ticket to anywhere in the world and beyond that your mind can go.
  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site I read to my kids in utero. After they were born their favorite stories were those read in utero. We had ASL teacher living across the street from us in Berkeley. I had seen a special where they were teaching ASL to chimpanzees so I asked the lady to come over and teach my daughter. By the time my daughter was 6 months old she could request a diaper change, say specifically I love mommy or daddy, or ask for a hug. It was pretty cute....................nv
  • Terry Greene You're awesome, n.v. Especially the "in utero" stuff (so it' true!) and ASL! I'm trying to teach my pup who cannot read but likes to be read to, ASL 'cause all well-loved pups live long enough to become deaf. Good daddy's are hard to find... Hat's off, nv.