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  • Brian Hart more killer stuff.  keep the awesome music coming
  • Terry Greene Man, he tore the house down, had me AND my dad standing on our seats screaming...
  • Joe Pampena Gotta love The Godfather of Soul.
  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site [Steve says] Terry... you AND your dad?? Was he cool or what!
  • Terry Greene Thanks much, Steve! My dad was SO cool, although he was far from being permissive, that he LOVED taking me to see all this stuff. Neither of us had ever seen James Brown but he loved him and everybody else who played that day. His opening line on every phone call was either "What's new and exciting?" or "I'm on my way!" (two days after he was supposed to meet you...). That's him, the race driver, as my avatar. As he introduced me to the finer things in life as a child, I tried to return the favor by introduting him to my world as I was growing up. He went to the T.A.M.I. show, drove me to Hollywood to see the Beatles at the Bowl and I took him to an early heavy metal band recording session and to see the Tubes at the Whiskey. Yes, he was cool AND what!
  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site My baby (oldest daughter, was 16 at the time) turned me onto Van's Warped Tour... and went absolutely nuts with my Press Pass... she got into every picture at every interview... was in fbheaven. Made me SO happy!

rock and roll forever

Sixties dancing set to Empty Heart by The Rolling Stones , I own no rights.

The Stones first single 1963
  • R Dean Chandler The Stones first single, not a hit, but their debut and a first taste of Keith's almost strange backing vocals. I just like the crowd shots, wherever they are from. Everything still appeared so innocent. nv

Brian Jones lead guitar Live 1964 on Mike Douglas Show
  • R Dean Chandler Exile....not yet for the Stones but for Nolan....yup! The band has a fly it by the seat of the pants feel here only slightly underscored by the lack of guitar cords and amps. Looking at these guys and then the suits that presented them is a lesson in incongruity. nv
The Joe Loss Pop Show

Advertisement - July 1966

The Rolling Stones: "Mothers Little Helper" b/w "Lady Jane" (London 45-902)

The Rolling Stones in 1968 outside the folly in Swarkestone, 10 min drive from where I live...

On with the Show by the Rolling Stones was written by Mick Jagger / Keith Richards and in the 1967 Rolling Stones album Their Satanic Majesties

  • David Freeland I remember when you went to concerts back then they would have 3 or 4 great bands playing on one show. yes the good old days!!!

  • Michael Schivo Wolf and Rissmiller had L.A. in the palm of their hands for years..They kept Bill Graham out ..but Avalon Productions, David Forest of Fun Productions finally found some cracks....This arched ad was one to look for every Sunday in the Calendar Section of the Times..with the bands coming up next..$7.50?..LOL

  • Clyde J. Brannan BB King the undisputed king of blues.
  • Ken Fitzer I don't think I've ever seen two shows in one night at such a large venue. Headliner set must not have ran much more than an hour.
On the bill with the band were Terry Reid, either B.B. King or Chuck Berry depending on your venue, and Ike and Tina Turner. Janis Joplin did jump onstage with them at their Madison Square Garden shows at tours end. Ticket prices ranged between four and eight dollars per show and they managed to sell over a million dollars worth of them. The Stones were too broke to actually realize this undertaking on their own so a new business model was born with the band getting a huge piece of the door with 50% up front. It was enough to finance the shows. Add the Stones controlling all the ancillary rights to sales of tee-shirts, posters, programs and other concert related memorabilia and the band greatly padded it's account throughout the course of the tour. This was a rock history first but is pretty much par for the course these days."
Something more about that Advert.... "This was the first of the Rolling Stones truly epic tours that would later see them with their own jet which they ripped the seats out of and turned into a flying party pad. And 1969 was the first year anyone had heard the phrase 'Greatest Rock and Roll Band' in the world, courtesy of their manager Sam Cutler.

  • Krista Cameron Appropriately reading "Jagger: rebel, rockstar, etc" just in time.

  • Rich Amadori A lot of reviewers of the song wrote something to the effect that Gloom and Doom wouldn't have seemed out of place if it were on Exile or Sticky Fingers.

  • Rick Taylor Reminds me of something from around "Undercover" days
  • Cosmo Topper I do think there are 4 or 5 songs on Bigger Bang that are Really good & they had far more time to work on that material. That being said i like the sound of the 2 new songs. i just dont know yet how much i like the songs themselves. They kind of sound like bonus tracks on 1 to many complications. we'll see
  • Ruben Chandler I'm with Rick on the Undercover period but the Stones have songs kicking around for decades so it may be done in one, recorded in another so they're a little hard to place. Like Cosmo, I like a lot of Bigger Bang. I can't think of any albums that totally suck.

  • The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site And since you've mentioned Sticky Fingers... and as this is a kinda Rolling Stones trivia fest... do you know just who was wearing those jeans?

  • Rich Amadori Ahh, well my first reaction to answer that says Mick but I don't think it's that easy. Charlie? I'm at a loss, hit me with it ;-)