(From our POST-MONTEREY SERIES (thru '67) by LA Free Press Era Rock Historian, Bruno Ceriotti...  this is Part 2 where Al went the day after his appearance at the 4th Annual Big Sur Folk Festival.  Part 1 can be found on his own Page at: XXX.)

Al caught a ride to San Francisco and proceeded on to Berkeley, to perform a solo set at The Jabberwock, a famous folk club run by his old friend Sally Henderson.

>> He plays there for two days, June 30 and July 1, with Taj Mahal as his opening act. Right after that, he caught the first available plane east and went back home in New York City, with a plan to move to England.
>> However, he needed to raise the money for the one-way ticket to London, where he intended to start a solo career, and so he chose to throw a “benefit” for himself at the Cafè Au Go Go in the Greenwich Village, from July 22 to July 26. He also decided to get a pickup band together for the upcoming gigs and bring in his old The Blues Project bandmate Steve Katz on guitar, his recent bandmate from the Big Sur Folk Festival, Jimmy Fielder on bass, and a new face in town, Canadian drummer, Bobby Colomby.
>> The shows went well, but Al made very little money past the expenses, so he gives up the idea of moving to London.  Nonetheless, his pickup band sounds great so he, Katz, Fielder and Colomby decide to form a “real” band called Blood, Sweat and Tears and, you know, the rest is history.
>> Here, below, please enjoy ‘I Can’t Quit Her’, one of the songs written by Al that was recorded later that year by BS&T for their debut album, Child Is The Father To The Man.
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